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  1. Hi there….such a nice website. I am just getting started researching Paps and have gone through the AKC Breeder’s List and now the parent club’s list, which is how I found you!

    I’ve bred and shown English Setters and put obedience titles and points on English and Gordon Setters. I’ve been owned by Australian Cattle Dogs, retired Greyhounds and Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Now looking for a smaller buddy!

    I’m looking for a male for companionship and a whole bunch of fun! Obedience, Rally, Agility (if I can keep up!), Nose Work, Tracking, etc.

  2. Hey Diana! Love your dogs. Katie and Dream are our favorites of the girls and you hound tri puppies in the basket are adorable!!

  3. We have one of your paps and she is a very special part of our life. She goes every where with us.

  4. Hi Diana, your paps are just beautiful. Your wins are too many to count! Congratulations !!!!!

  5. Hello. My name is Jessica. I just recently lost my baby. She wasn’t full breed, never the less, she was my baby.
    But, I am looking for a Papillon puppy, 4-6 week old, male. I am in need of a companion. One to love and treasure.

  6. I have been researching Papillions and have fallen love with this breed for my companion! Here’s hoping that I can get a DISYRE PAPILLIONS.

  7. Hi, Anita Grace want to thank you for letting me contact you and my husband and I are extremely excited about purchasing a Papillion female Puppy from you!
    I’ve heard some nice things about you from our friend.
    They are absolutely beautiful and exciting dogs.

    We are very excited to add our female puppy on to our family.

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